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You Are More Than Just a Number

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Poem Imageries Explained

Number 10

This is the introduction of the poem. The countdown starts at ten like during a rocket launch. Playing with the idea of the ten fingers is used to tell them that it is all in their hands. Not every finger is the same but each unique finger works together to create a functional hand. When different people come together life is more fun, else it will be dull and boring if everyone did the same thing. We have many different cultures, languages, a variety of foods, sports and games to make it very interesting.

It truly is a magical life on this earth. Your role here is to be you. Being you is your superpower. You have all the resources around you to help create the life you want to see. The focus here is to let the child know that we should not be intimidated by the big vast world, but be in awe of it. Every child has dreams within them that they would like to have come true. They have to take the first step towards this dream.

Number 9

Drawing inspiration from the fact that many religions view the number 9 with divinity, it is used to show that life is a divine game. But it is also a fascinating number mathematically. Many sums of angles from a circle (360 = 3+6+0 = 9) to so many shapes, reduce to nine as well as a straight line (180 = 1+ 8 + 0 = 9). Whether we give time to think about it or not, everything is by design in life.

The image of the fish jumping out of the water to the bird flying free is to show that this game of life can be won by taming our thoughts. One must be mindful of their thinking/ over-thinking (drowning in your emotions). Do something fun to think good thoughts. Be kind and nice to each other. If you are overcome with too many emotions, it is equal to being underwater and not being able to breathe. Relaxing and doing things mindfully will lead to a calmer mind where you will make better decisions. This life has been intricately designed by the Creator to evolve humankind to remind us of our divinity, without being misled by our monkey minds.

Number 8

This number is used to remind children to flow through life in a playful way because your inner child is your true north. The sounds formed by the 8 musical notes Do, Re, Me Fa, So, La, Ti, Do create beautiful melodies to soothe the soul as it is guided to its destination. The 8 directions on the compass rose are used to show that there are many places on earth to explore if you feel lost. Compass(ion) towards everyone you meet will lead to expansive inspiration to live a fuller life.

Number 7

Everyone loves rainbows and is fascinated by the beautiful colours. The sunlight is white but the colour white contains the 7 colours of the rainbows, which can be seen when the light is reflected and refracted on the rainwater droplets. It is believed by some people that the human body is governed by chakras in similar colours in the same order as the rainbow (Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet). As it is within, so it is without. Knowing that we are a rainbow within, we shall colour up the outer world by shining our light, even after difficult times.

Number 6

Intuition is known as the 6th sense. Often times it is this quiet voice or a gut feeling that guides you to the right path. Snowflake and honeycomb are used here because one has 6 points and the other has 6 sides. Every snowflake makes a unique 6-pointed shape from the other! How cool is that? It is like nature’s magic. How does the bee know to make the honeycomb so that it is in a hexagonal shape so that it gives them more space but uses less wax? The bee’s intuition has taught them to store the maximum amount of honey while wasting no space. Likewise, if we listen to our intuition, we will be wise too by tapping into our unique potential.

Number 5

This is an ode to mother nature. If we think about it, we have this body that formed from a tiny dot to this human body through eating everything from the earth. We have the five senses to enjoy nature in all its glory. Made of the five elements air, water, fire, earth, and space according to Ayurveda, we are truly her wild children.

Number 4

This is a fortunate number and it is about love. There are four chambers in the heart, where the deoxygenated blood passes through the right atrium into the right ventricle; later the oxygenated blood passes through the left atrium into the left ventricle. Likewise, in life, there are people or situations that will drain us of our energy but do not hate or resent them. Instead, forgive them (or yourself) and try your best to forget about it, but remember the lesson (ie. to set boundaries in place just like in the heart but coexist peacefully with the people or situation). In (for)giving and (for)getting, you will give and get more in your life than you ever imagined.

The four seasons are depicted to show that life is full of changes, yet it is a cycle. When you fall on hard times, have the courage to get back up. You see the leaves fall, then the winter is the time to heal through forgiving and forgetting (ie. the cardinal symbolizes the oxygenated blood and the blue jay represents the deoxygenated blood). The four-leaf clovers show that there are fortunes all around you if you allow the magic (through forgiving) to take place. The bleeding heart flowers in the summer symbolize passionate love, reminding us that true love does not keep records of wrongdoings.

Number 3

It is explained in the book.

Number 2

This number shows the dualistic nature of life and the key is to balance. Isn't it interesting the human body has two sides to balance itself? Right in the centre of the body you breathe in and out. There are many different types of breathing techniques but deep breaths are a simple technique for kids to use to calm down when they are overstimulated. Even the things that are considered poisonous in some situations can be beneficial in other situations (ie. poison ivy has medicinal uses as well). Everything needs balance in life from relationships to ambitions (ie. a good relationship with money by having a wealthy mindset is beneficial versus being power hungry).

Number 1

This number is about how we are all connected. The law of attraction works because there is one collective consciousness. We have one mind, one heart, one sun, one moon, one air, one water, and one earth. Every single one was created for every one of us. We collectively breathe the same air and drink the same water as it is recycled throughout the ages to the current time. Individually every person has a unique talent within them that they need to discover.

Number 0

The rocket launches at zero once the countdown is done. The focus of this number is to tell the child to ignite their spirit within. It is infinite like a zero. It is energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but only transformed from one form to another. It has no beginning or an end, just like the eternal shape of a circle like this number.

When a child feels like they are insignificant, they can ask a question about how to make their feeling or situation better. Just like a zero, from no solution, you can think of a solution or seek the answers. Learning on Earth is never-ending.

The phoenix is depicted to show that you can always try again and again, just like how it rises from the ashes. Keep firing your thoughts to grow into a better version of yourself as you live out your desire.

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Nicole Lazar
Nicole Lazar
Aug 03, 2022

As an educator, I understand the importance of teaching my students to embrace their uniqueness and nurture their God given talents. This book is a beautiful tool that children of all ages can enjoy, while discovering their full potential.

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